Dr. Rodney Pearson, Counselor / Instructor / Motivational Speaker
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Introducing Dr. Rodney Person
Dr. Rodney Person is a licensed associated counselor and a retired pastor who has worked for many years to bring a practical and working understanding of “Unconditional Love” into the lives of people everywhere.  His mission goes beyond race, religion, and culture.  Dr. Pearson has spent over 25 years working hard in the field counseling often focusing on mental health. 
Dr. Pearson, a high school dropout, grew up in Compton, California a city known for some the most notorious gang members during the height of drug wars and ongoing violence.  In spite of Dr. Pearson being a high school dropout, he still possessed a never-ending hunger for education.  He attened an adult school and there he earned his GED,  but he didn’t stop there.  His thirst for knowledge along with his quest to do better led him on an educational journey in which he obtained his A.A and B.S in Psychology, M.S in Professional Counseling, a graduate certificate in Domestic Violence, he earned a Doctorate in Ministry.  He has also received an honorary Doctorate in Theology. 
Dr. Pearson has served as a Pastor for over 40 years.   He is also an entrepreneur, national speaker, music and theater producer, screen writer and the author of 12 books on various subjects such as relationships and religion.  Dr. Pearson is also the founder of the R. Pearson Learning Institute and Dean of the Tucson Bible College and Brother United Against Domestic Violence.