Shezetta Morris

Shezetta Morris, Mentor Coach / Consultant / Instructor / Strategist
work: (520) 323-8852

Shezetta Morris is a native of Yonkers, New York.  As a child she was always creatively innovative and deeply connected to provoking others to succeed.  Her mother always said she has a knack of seeing the silver lining in any situation or circumstance.  This internal passion revolutionized her life.  She developed a mastery of communication and uses her knowledge of words to create and shape her world.  Instead of allowing the energy of rejection to defeat her, she has taken every no, and spun the opportunity to make it work for her.  As Shezetta would state, " No to me, is simply an occasion to redirect my energy and search out my yes."  Assuming this posture makes her effective in persuading others that no is not the end of the road and you to can find the yes that's necessary to make your dreams a reality.    That tenacity is what moves her forward in the many different areas of her life's work. 

Shezetta served as a Senior Pastor of OutPouring Ministries.  This ministry was a vibrant community of Christ Conscious believers that developed an atmosphere of diversity and inclusion.  The focus of the ministry was to empower each person in their God given gifts and help them to maximize their life through purpose and passion.  She continues as a spiritual leader to many, currently serving as an Apostolic Leader in the global reformation, Kingdom International Assemblies of Churches, Ministries, and Businesses Network.  She works within a team of Executive Administrators that help to serve and support the Senior and other leaders of that network.

She remains an active itinerant preacher and empowerment speaker. She travels throughout the United States with the message of the gospel and of hope to all of humanity.  

Shezetta serves in the business sector as a certified Life and Human Capital Coach, Consultant and Transformation Strategist. Experienced in both the profit and non-profit sector, she works with individuals and in team structures. Being a leader herself, she has a special ability to understand the needs of individuals in leadership positions.  Because of this, leaders of all levels benefit from her expertise and sincere passion to help individuals reinvent and revitalize their lives. In turn they become transformed by their purpose.  Her business extends to both local and global clientele. 

‚ÄčNot only has she established a successful coaching practice, she also maintains other business interest and streams, developed as a result of her drive to be productive in every season of her life. Her experiences reflect the benefits of the right types of partnerships. Shezetta clearly understands that connectivity is essential in seeing one's dreams realized.  

Shezetta Morris is now a resident of Miami, Florida.  She is married to Bryan Morris and has 4 children, Craig, Sabrina, Leila and Kayla.  

Get connected and allow her passion, energy and inspiration to assist you in living in ..........YOUR NEXT NOW!