Solid Thinking, Solid Solutions!

In today’s society, the actual idea of “thinking” is a lost art.  With all of the constant movement, there are many different influences that continue to feed information to you.  In many cases because of the lack of time, we tend to gravitate to a quick solution without giving time for thorough thought.


The challenges that come from not having a thorough thought are:

·       We tend to make decisions that are not our own – influx of thoughts can at times become confusing unless we have the capability to stop the chatter and consider our own voice.

·       We don’t consider our current circumstances that cause us to be in need of a solution – solutions provided to us may not be suitable for our current condition.  So, a general solution provided to us based on other peoples’ conditions or circumstances will not work for us.


Here are some suggestions that can help you and the people that you serve maintain the sacred space of solid thinking:


1.      Value your own thoughts – Quiet time is essential.  It allows you to get better acquainted with yourself.  As you do this, you begin to know how to distinguish from other voices.  You end up avoiding the confusion.

2.      Be your first counsel that you inquire with – time for consideration is essential because more than likely the solution is already within you.  Having another voice come in to immediately provide you a solution can sometimes end up being an easy way out.  Many times, when you follow another’s path and it doesn’t work, you end up saying to yourself, “I should have followed my own mind.”  EXACTLY!

3.      Take time and do not rush the solution that you need to receive from yourself – regardless of how long it takes, remember that you have to be a part of your highest personal circle of counsel.  Be as patient with yourself as you are with individuals who you are waiting to respond to you. There is a strong sense of peace that arrives when you are patient with yourself and allow your natural energy to bring up the solution that is necessary for your current condition.


Remember, solid thinking, brings solid solutions.  Engage your soul and allow it to stretch in its’ capacity to operate effectively in your life.