About K.E.Y.E.S.

Kingdom Ecosystems Yielding Entrepreneur Success, LLC
Connecting Entrepreneurs with Mentors and Investors
Why Kingdom Ecosystems Yielding Entrepreneur Success
Someone once said that graveyards is one of the riches place in the world because so many people die with unrealized dreams and potential. K.E.Y.E.S. is designed to rob the grave of your greatness by helping you to see your unrealized dream and potential manifested into reality. Our Kingdom Ecosystem connects entrepreneurs with mentors, coaches, consultants for the purpose of developing entrepreneurs and their business.  Our job is to help the right people find each other and when they do, ensure they are ready for SUCCESS!
What Every Entrepreneur Regrets Not Doing Sooner
Contrary to the popular press, the most successful entrepreneurs are not swing-for-the-fences, bet-everything-on-one, roll-of-the-dice types.  They are extremely conservative. They take a small step toward their goal; pause to see what they have learned from taking that small step and build that learning into the next small step. Then they pause to see what they have learned from that second small step, build that learning in and then take another small step and so forth. They don't take large risks. You only have so much time, energy and ability to focus. That means, as much as you would like to, you can't do everything. That's a given.  What every entrepreneur regrets is this: The places which receive your full attention will do better than the places that won't. What follows from that is this: You need to make hard choices about what you will do--and what you won't. And it is really is the most important decision you can make, because everything else you do will flow from it...including the next point.
How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur
What entrepreneurs need most of all—above motivation, hope, financing, marketing skills, a brilliant idea, etc.—is the passion (will) to bring their idea into existence. Unless you truly want to make something happen, the odds are nothing will, as a result your life will be filled in other ways including thinking about what you “could have done.”  You must be passionate about what you're trying to achieve. This means you’re willing to sacrifice a large part of your waking hours to the idea you’ve come up with. Passion will ignite the same intensity in others, and they too will join you as you build a team to succeed in this endeavor. And with passion, both your team and your customers are more likely to truly believe in what you are trying to do and continue to invest in it.  
The road to success is going to be long, so remember to enjoy the journey. Everyone will teach you to focus on goals, but successful people not only focus on goals, they focus on the journey and celebrate the milestones along the way. In addition to this, successful people make relationships a priority! Climbing a mountain and having no one to celebrate the with is not as impactful as when you can share it with those who helped, supported, encouraged and collaborated with you to get there.  K.E.Y.E.S. is positioned to join you on your journey and create opportunities to make it more enjoyable so you maintain your passion as you reach your desired destination!
Why Collaboration Works
Collaboration is one of the most important professional skills you can develop. It’s about building two-way, mutually beneficial relationships—one person at a time. Aim to build long term relationships rather than just focusing on collaboration as a means to an end. Collaboration is much more than a technique to find out about potential opportunities. In fact, people who build strong collaborations are often better positioned to:
·        leverage additional resources that may have been constraints
·        create more opportunities for personal and career advancement
·        be in touch with the right people to get ‘things done’
Research has found that people who collaborate are better able to survive business closures, financial deficits, resourcing issues and redundancy.  Collaboration is about enlisting the right people to help with your business through building relationships, asking for advice and sharing information and resources. Collaboration can include family, friends, or people you meet through study, employment, sport, clubs or other activities – in fact, anyone you meet and spend time talking to. We invite you today to start an intentional relationship with K.E.Y.E.S. so we can assist with assessments, educations, coaching, mentoring and entrepreneur business development.