Strategic Empowerment Master Mind J.U.M.P. Call- S.E.M.M. J.U.M.P. Call

What is a S.E.M.M. J.U.M.P. call?

Strategic Empowerment Master Mind- Join Us to Maximize your Potential Video Conference Call. 
S.E.M.M. J.U.M.P. video calls are designed for Entrepreneurs, Kingdom and Marketplace leaders to bring expansion to the individual and their business and/or ministry by providing proven strategies and collaborative conversations. This will also serve as a space for you to meet, network, and strategize with others.

Our S.E.M.M. J.U.M.P. calls are held once a month and for only $25 you get to meet CEOs from various industries who are experts in their fields and they will share their wisdom and experiential knowledge. This is definitely a great investment into your future so click below and reserve your spot today!

About our Master Mind Strategist

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