Anita Willis, Owner - Anita Willis
cell: 720-499-5868
IBH Image Centre:



 Anita offers Value & Lifestyle Coaching to individuals and consulting to businesses pursuing the enrichment of human potential through reflective self-awareness and the integration of a transformation and self-leadership process. Having inspired leadership teams’ ranging from luxury spas, to high end retail venues, her professional background also includes Value & Lifestyle leadership development for social service, for- profit and faith organizations.  Included in her active service and sales background is Advanced Therapeutic Aesthetics, Image Enhancement, and Motivational and Inspirational Speaking.  Anita’s private practice focuses on emotional and spiritual intelligence as the foundation for deepening inner awareness, healing relationships, and releasing life limiting stress patterns for living a fully engaged life.  She holds a Masters in the Science of Leadership, B.A. of Interdisciplinary studies with and emphasis in Theology & Family along with her certifications and licensure in Creation Therapy, Advanced Therapeutic aesthetics, and Makeup artistry.



The IBH Image Centre is now purposed as the IBH Value and Lifestyle Coaching & Restoration Center©.  As a social enterprise and serving organization, IBH Image Centre is a 501(c)(3)  nonprofit organization dedicated to the restoration and reunification of individuals, families and marriages. IBH Image Centre impacts lives through compassionate, results oriented, therapeutic counseling. Integrated services include health & wellness, an aesthetic spa, individual and small group coaching retreats, motivational and educational seminars.


The IBH Image Centre offers Value and Lifestyle Coaching© based on Creation Therapy along with Integrated Therapeutic Counseling.  Our mission is to serve, educate, inspire and promote holistic self enhancement to individuals, small groups and other human service organizations. 

(IBH means In the Beauty of wHoleness)