Tucson Bible College , Dean of Students - Arthur W. Tigney Jr.
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Tucson Bible College: http://www.tucsonbiblecollege.org
The path to purpose and destiny should be exciting and shared with like minded people. Through the Tucson Bible College, you can travel further down your path and find your purpose for living through a process of self discovery and empowering discipleship.
Our purpose at TBC is to Change Minds for the Nations which is birthed out of Romans 12:2, and do not be conformed to this world but be transformed by the renewing (changing) of your mind, that you may prove (test, assure, establish) what is the good (accurate) and acceptable will (purpose, design, destiny) of God. (Added) 
 TBC offers a curriculum that will allow you to receive diplomas and certificates in ministry and leadership studies. TBC is linked with Oral Roberts University, School of Life Long Education Certificate and Diploma Institute Program. We have applied for accreditation through ORUEF/ICAA and affiliation with the International Leadership Training Institute.
Where are you on your path to Destiny? 
Would you like to live the life you were created to live accurately?
What's holding you back from your potential?
Have you discovered the greatness within you?