Build Smart with SMART Goals

We are now if the 2nd quarter of 2019 and it not too late for action. Our goal is not for you to just be inspired by vision but rather put intentional movements to your inspiration for execution. Take a moment, to identify the areas you should address on deeper level.  Have a healthy discussion with yourself or with an accountability partner and discuss the details of your goal. Most times people set lofty and general goals remain dreams and not their reality.
In my years of developing people and organizations I found that the key to going from inspiration to execution is to build smart with SMART goals. Develop an action plan on how you want to proceed.  More importantly, determine how you NEED to proceed to get what you say matters most. It is important that you are very SPECIFIC about what you say you will do. Leave no room for confusion or misunderstanding about what you must do moving forward.
Next, make it MEASURABLE, by documenting how you will know that it is done, and the specifics of what the finished product/activity will look like when it is done.
Also, ask yourself “Is it ACHIEVEABLE”? This does not mean minimizing the goal but ensuring that with the right resources and/or support you can and will achieve your goal.
So, ask yourself “how RELEVANT is this goal that you are setting?” Is it attached to a tangible reward if it is completed? Is it apart of the big picture of your ultimate goal?
Lastly, set a specific TIME that you will complete the goal. Once you have addressed those 5 (SMART) areas you are on your way to executing your vision. My team and I are available to support you on your journey. We are here to partner with you as you work smart with SMART goals.  Our job is not done until you see the manifestation of greatness that was once locked inside of you! Contact us today at www.ATigney.Solutions or 520-323-8852. Click here, take yourself off the "round to it" list and book your appointment today!