Workshops By Design
Because each organization is faced with it’s own unique challenges and dynamics. Workshops by design are created from your input and focuses on the specific needs of your organization.
Understanding The Team
This workshop focuses on the talents and unique gifting of each team member and how to maximize communications and assignments to ensure the success of every project.

Group Dynamics
This workshop focuses on the natural process each group or team will go through as a result of values, beliefs, and background influences. This workshop is valuable to a new group working together as it normalizes some of the processes that often destroys or delays the productivity of the team before the goal is met.

Diversity Today
The goal of this workshop is to create a greater sensitivity and awareness to the diverse populations we have in the world today. This workshop goes beyond looking at the traditional forms of diversity training and looks at diversity from a 21st Century perspective.

Maximized Meetings
Often meetings can be routine and just a waist of time. Through this workshop you will learn how and when to schedule meetings and ensure that they are maximized to reach your organizations goal.

Conflict Resolution
Having a solid understanding of how to resolve conflict within your organization is a valuable tool to keep the team moving forward and using energy where it can produce the best results. This workshop focuses on ways to resolve conflict so everyone is a winner and production is not slowed down.

Committed Communications
Often leaders of the organization or members of the team forget the single most important tool available to them, communications. This workshop focuses on Johari’s window and how to open the doors of communication so that each person feels valued within the organization.
Slow Down and Let Your Family Catch Up
Learn how to balance your purpose and family in such a way that none of them suffer.
Lord Help Me To Understand My: