There is a purpose in the presence of God and if we are wise enough to understand that power, we are authorized to bring back that power from the Kingdom world of our God.  He doesn’t allow us to be in His presence just to excite us.  He wants to give us a piece of His world so we can bring it back to the world which we now live to have dominion and establish a Kingdom culture.  When Moses was in God’s presence He had an assignment and a purpose for Moses.  When Moses came down from the mountain he took with him the power and the authority to lead a nation of people.  When God invest the kind of power to His people there is no turning back (back sliding) because of the lives of nations/generations of people He would have us to lead is at stake.


            The unqualified Moses (in his own mind) led the children of Israel to the Red Sea,  as the investment of God approached a possible crisis there was absolutely no room for back sliding for Moses.  Even in the center of the impossible as Pharaoh’s men is behind them, the Red Sea is before them, and a doubting nation in the midst of him becomes the perfect set up for the power of God to flow through the one He called.  The Lord has empowered is kingdom people and given us strategic instructions in His presence.  How many is waiting on you to open the Red Sea to freedom and usher them into Kingdom living? 


Show the people God assigned to you the “life way” and build accurately!